Highlights from World Press Freedom Day 2013

Highlights from World Press Freedom Day 2013
World Press Freedom Day, an annual occasion to highlight the obstacles, hostility and persecution experienced by journalists around the world, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Friday, May 3. Citizens around the world reflected on achievements and setbacks in freedom of expression, recognizing contributions by journalists and media professionals, and commemorating those lost in their line of work while reminding governments of their obligations to the public.

The day is an opportunity to evaluate the health of freedom of expression around the world, and there is no shortage of issues to be addressed right here in Canada. As in years past, CJFE marks this day with the launch of the Review of Free Expression in Canada, our annual publication that takes the temperature of free expression in Canada. This year’s publication explores the cult of secrecy. From the silencing of scientists to police posing as journalists to the surveillance of aboriginal activists, this pervasive issue threatens citizens’ right to free expression and undermines democratic society.
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@ http://www.cjfe.org/blog/highlights-world-press-freedom-day-2013


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