Lister lauds revolutionary Cardoso (News | Namibia)


ByShinovene Immanuel

THE Executive Director of The Free Press of Namibia, Gwen Lister, has expressed hope that the new cadre of editors and journalists in Africa will carry on the legacy of “guerrilla typewriters” such as that of the late Mozambican investigative journalist Carlos Cardoso who was assassinated 13 years ago. Lister made these remarks at the second annual Carlos Cardoso Memorial Lecture held at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg last week as part of the Power Reporting Conference organised by the university.

“The power is still in our pens. We should use it wisely and for the peoples’ sake,” Lister said.

Lister’s lecture was titled ‘Guerrilla typewriters – fighting for media freedom before and after liberation’ .

She said Cardoso, a former student at the University of Witwatersrand, was described as “Mozambique’s best and most respected journalist”, who exemplifies the era of what were called ‘guerrilla typewriters’ in Southern Africa.

The newspaper led by Cardoso, among others, also campaigned against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and an increasingly corrupt political elite.

Cardoso was shot dead in central Maputo on 22 November 2000, while investigating a US$14 million fraud connected to the privatisation of Mozambique’s largest bank, which was linked to senior government officials.
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The Namibian – Lister lauds revolutionary Cardoso (News | Namibia).


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